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8 September 2009]
okay so i went to mission district [selfedge, you are a dumb store] to get another pair of jeans

they told me to coldsoak it for 20 - no 10 - minutes

i asked ryan what the hell that means

apparently i'm to fill a bathtub with cold water, throw my jeans in, and dump some weights on them

after that they'll be more comfortable [they'll also be able to stand up on their own]
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i am [Friday
10 April 2009]
pretty terrible

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fml [Tuesday
24 March 2009]
needs more cake
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what the! [Tuesday
17 March 2009]
ballroom comp tiring ;;
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srs business [Thursday
12 March 2009]

largely coincides with my own beliefs about the recession

also damn funny + i love his writing style

'Hoorah for the bitter resentment felt by the hoi polloi finally being voiced through government! As a plebeian, I am offended that you, sir, have a more difficult career and went to a better school and did well at said better school and got a well-paying job at which you worked incomparable hours with no sense of self worth, and yet are paid more than me! Life isn't fair; I'm going to complain and vote Democratic so that I can take out my latent anger on you!!!'

admittedly he's more ranty (caps, excl. points) than usual, but... yeah. good stuff.
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gg shirt [Sunday
8 March 2009]
hot iron!

'warm iron only'

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yeah! [Friday
6 March 2009]
so like! avg american female = 164 lbs

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why [Tuesday
17 February 2009]
fcking hell

sober people who allow DUI . . .

'oh, i don't have insurance'

so go ahead, let a drunk man drive. when you all die, at least your families will get money ._.
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7 February 2009]

to boston~

fri the 13th.

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rororoororr! [Friday
2 January 2009]
making a new lj

since this username

annoys me too much

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26 December 2008]
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this review is the most hilarious thing ever [Thursday
18 September 2008]
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20 August 2008]
"In the Olympic ceremony segment showcasing the Chinese invention of movable type, the nearly 900 performers who crouched under 40-pound boxes donned adult diapers to allow them to stay inside for at least six hours, Beijing organizers said."

I think I was right in terming them machines.

Eat your heart out.
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$75 @ Barnes and Nobles [Thursday
14 August 2008]
What should I buy?

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. [Wednesday
23 July 2008]
I got a new bookbag today from PUMA. How... exciting.

I did get a shirt that matches Del's 'pull this to open', though. We'll have to coordinate sometime. Furthermore I purchased a ring to replace the one I lost while mudwrestling with our intrepid Princeton boy.

Football ticket purchasing didn't go so well. Granduncle and Uncle have no sense of time, therefore we missed the train and were delayed about 50 minutes. Not good. Needless to say, wasn't able to get the $32 ones.

Did get 97$ season ticket, as well as individual UCLA and Stanford games - so now I have duplicates. God I'm good at this.

I bought Resistance: Fall of Man today. Damn fun.
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anna karenina [Tuesday
8 July 2008]
is indeed quite good

s2 vronsky

random - is nearly drowning in your own blood a bad thing?

no idea how i'm supposed to sleep ~~;;
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murakami + other random stuff [Thursday
26 June 2008]

I forgot who wanted to read it

whatever, everyone should. it's quite good.

... did I have anything else to say?

All i can think of is "OM NOM NOM NOM". Maybe I should allow myself a cookie.


edit 2: del pointed out a rather salient point -

his car attracts more females than mine;
thus old volvos prove to be superior chick magnets than new bimmers

what a bloody waste of money that piece of scrap metal is ;;

at least it attracts kevins
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meme from epheme (i'm a poet and i don't even know it) [Monday
23 June 2008]
The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed. Well let's see.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read 6 and force books upon them ;-)

conspicuous lack of philosophy; I find it hard to believe that Saint-Exupery and Flaubert have outsold Nietszche and Camus [but maybe it's just me?]
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21 June 2008]
Every time I play HomeWorld 2, I'm struck by how jaw-droppingly pretty the game is.

The attention to minute detail is amazing. The backgrounds make for an absolutely epic backdrop and incredible atmosphere. And the ships! From the smallest interceptor to the greatest dreadnaughts, each is a unique design fitting into a uniform whole, and it's just so damn gorgeous. When you finally stop staring at your fleet and go into battle, its hard to concentrate on issuing commands to your armada; following a particular warship or squadron around with the camera is so addicting.

So basically it's like the beginning of Star Wars episode 3... in video game form. Did I mention it inspires a sudden irrational urge to extol the game's every graphical virtue? But it's just so... beautiful...

P.S. i bet outer space looks nothing like it. But I don't care.
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My Car's Passenger Seat Is Sentient [Friday
13 June 2008]
And It Eats Things.

A list (by no means comprehensive):

BART tickets (2)
Oakland Coliseum parking permit (1)
BMW registration license (1)
SJSU parking permit (1)
Cathy's house keys (1)
Shot glass (1)
Lego totoro (1)
Oakleys (2)
Water bottles (many, filled and unfilled)
Google map directions (many)
Michel Cluizel chocolate bar (2)
Chinese fan (1)

I get most of them back after some fishing, but it's annoying.
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